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Darts Betting Markets

Darts continues to gain in popularity. This is mainly spurred by the chance to place bets and make some cash while enjoying the atmosphere, music and your favorite players. The energy of the crowd especially in the larger tournaments such as the Premier League makes darts something to look forward to. If you want to bet on darts, take a look at Coral Darts Betting site where you can find the best odds at the internet.

Making the Bets

There is a considerable increase in the number of bets during the major tournaments such as the World Champions, the Premier League or the World Match Play. To get the best deals and prices, you can place your bets before the matches begin.

There are plenty of other markets however but in order to reduce the risks, there are specific ones to look out for. For example, you can check out the “to win quarter of a draw” in any darts tournament and you will likely come out with a great deal.

The punters will also be watching out for their favorite time such as two quarters of the draw. These are highly competitive and when the player wins that quarter, they can make some good cash. The markets where you can participate and place your bets are many. You have the choice of the total 180s, trying to find the total legs as well as nine-dart finish.

The bookmakers will always provide you with a variety of options to place your bets. One of the options at your disposal is betting live. With darts, things change rapidly and this is why you need to stay updated. Not only can you bet on the player who is likely going to win, you can also bet on many outcomes within the matches such as how much the player is going to score on the first throw.

The Betting Markets

Some of the markets that we are referring to include the most 180s. Here you can bet on either of the players as well as on the draw. In this market, you are backing the player you think is going to score the most 180s. A 180 refers to the maximum number of points that a player can score by just throwing 3 darts. This can be achieved by scoring 3 triple 20s.

The player 180s is yet another market. Unlike the one above, here you are betting on a player reaching or not reaching 180 points. For example, you can pick player A and bet on whether he is going to get over 6 180s or get under 6 180s.

Another market that you can participate in is the total 180s. It is similar to the player 180s only this time you are betting on the total number of 180s that are going to be achieved in the game. This could be well above the points that the bookmaker provides. It could be above 10 or below 10.

The first 180 market is quite interesting. It is also simple to understand. You are going to place a bet on which of the two players you believe is going to score the first 180 points.

To place a bet in the highest checkout market, you are looking to guess what the highest checkout is going to be. Those 3-last darts that remain to win the leg constitute the checkout. As is to be found on the total 180s market, the bookmaker is going to provide you with a number and you will bet on whether the highest checkout is going to be above the number or below that number.

A similar market is the highest player checkout. You can choose any of the two players in the game to back up. With the bet, you are hoping to predict on your favorite players highest checkout. For example, will it be over 12.5 or under 12.5?

In the outright winner market, your bet is backing the player who you think is going to come out of the competition victorious.

One of the great things about betting in dart competitions is that you can bet in-play as the game progresses. This can help provide you with valuable information and help you back up the player who has higher winning odds. An example is betting to win the leg. Here you can bet on the player who you think will be the first to finish as the game continues.